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We are your textile specialists. We offer convenient textile cleaning options for your business. With all our services on site. We offer a variety of services, from industrial work gear, coveralls, household wear, to large linen orders. Check out our journey of becoming the Best In Western Canada.

About Us

How we ended up owning a laundry mat?

Gary was bringing his coveralls in to be cleaned and the Laundromat had been for sale a long time and one day the previous owner said : ‘ You should buy it! ‘ We were already running two businesses at the time so I went home and talked it over with Alberta. The businesses were successful yet we remained just the puppets for management who, at the end of the day, didn’t have any control over the corporation either. We didn’t get to determine any of the policies, all we could do is enforce them. Things kind of were not going the direction we wanted and we pursued the dream of becoming owners of the Laundromat. 

With the idea of a local business we saw a run down building yet a necessary business.  In 2007 we started the process and it took us three attempts to become the proud owners in February 2008. When we took over we learned a lot about laundry service and it’s unique day to day challenges. I only knew about household laundry. I knew nothing about commercial laundry. We though it was straight up- Wash. Dry. Fold. Done. Nope! We learned a lot that first year and we keep learning and growing. Not even a curve. It was steep learning, a straight arrow up.

One of the things we wanted is being able to call the shots. Because we work on the front line with the people, we wanted to be able to say Yes or No to your face without you having to call a 1-800 number, to help or solve a problem. We wanted to be able to do it right then and there.

We have faced many challenges. In our first year we lost our boiler. Boy did we ever learn that HOT water is essential. Much of the equipment had to be replaced, as they had run out of their life cycle. So we spent a lot of time and money replacing and investing in new and better equipment. We survived a fire, someone driving through our front door and many more challenges!

When life happens you get a bit of a different view from the back row. It’s a good place to grow. As much as we have been through hard times, so have the people who walk through our doors. Even when we are someone’s first choice or their back-up, the people who come through our doors most likely already don’t want to be here. It’s a choice that overwhelms them. A chore they don’t want to do.

We see people every day that are in situations they don’t want to be.  That’s where we come in. It’s not just about doing someone’s laundry. We’re able to step into someone’s world and help.  We keep your life moving. We help you be more productive while you wait. You can go get a coffee, go do your banking, make it to your appointment . You can continue to do your life stuff.

Our Laundromat is a place not just full of laundry. It’s a place full of stories. People are always on a journey. We see many travellers and locals. Some simply needing a break from whatever they are dealing with, wherever they are going. We have seen anything from fistfights (over a dryer) to romantic marriage proposals. We have seen it all!

We love that we don’t have to answer to corporate. We answer to the person standing in front of us.  Your business is our business. We love to support local and offer our services to local businesses and people. We live in a catalog town. Most things are shipped to us, one day away. This is why we love local business. Our business. What we have is on site, in house service. It’s a personal service that cultivates connection. We are on the main route and the best kept secret in town.

We provide a solid service that is reliable. That’s the secret and now you know too..


Gary and Alberta Chard

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